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2017 Annual Report


Building Homes, Building Futures!

A Letter from the President & CEO


Homeport’s 30th anniversary in 2017 provided a platform to celebrate having built 5,000 apartments and single-family homes and counseled more than 30,000 individuals in need of financial and homebuyer education.

Message from the Chair of the Board

We also celebrated the future with whirring drills and pounding hammers from 33 single-family homes being built in Milo-Grogan, and cars and trucks delivering personal items of seniors moving into a new 64-unit apartment building in Whitehall we call Hamilton Crossing.

But to sustain a business – and that is what we are at Homeport – one needs to routinely assess practices. In 2017, we chose to rely more on Central Ohio’s numerous social service organizations to provide access to what they are great at doing. Resident services enhance the chances of family, financial and community stability. It leads to jobs, better health and improved economic conditions as well as financial education. It is what separates us from other home providers.

We also began exploring partnerships and financial sources to grow our real estate stock faster, to meet the demands that exist in our community, to reduce the toxic stress that exists when residents pay a disproportionate percentage of their income for rent. 

Today, we use and continue to use the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Award program as our primary construction financing tool. It is an essential tool needed to develop rental units with restricted rents, a great public-private partnership. However, the annual tax credit awards are limited and competition for them is fierce, not to mention the amount of awards are capped in any one year. So, we must continue to seek new ways to fill the gap of affordable housing in Central Ohio. We are now seeking new sources of capital and partnerships with social minded investors and market rate developers to meet the housing needs of low to middle income residents.

Finally, to enhance the likelihood of success in building homes and resident services, we must be a high-performing, financially strong organization. We pride ourselves on our strong balance sheet and disciplined financial performance. As important, is the dedication to our team at Homeport. In 2017, Homeport invested in extensive leadership, management and functional training and we will continue to develop our staff to be great leaders and partners. Bottom line: if we want to be the best, then Homeport must ensure that its core values - trust, accountability, collaboration, respect and quality – are supported and practiced every single day.

Homeport had a very productive and successful 2017. I encourage you to join us or help us more in creating affordable and workforce housing. While we continue to stay focused on our core mission of closing the gap on affordable housing, we must turn up the volume even more.

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Bruce Luecke

The Kelley Family
2017 Voice & Vision Award Recipients


With a passion for helping those less fortunate, and a large extended family involved in giving back, the Kelley family exemplifies the Voice & Vision Award. Read More ›



Close the Gap


Homeport welcomed ninety-nine new residents in 2017 and continued its commitment to providing safe, quality homes to thousands in Central Ohio who can't afford market-rate housing.


Laser Focus on Clients


Homeport served 748 total residents as they themselves spread a spirit of volunteerism and fulfilled long-held dreams of homeownership in 2017. 


Resident Services

Housing Advisory Services




Homeport continued to link arms with outstanding partners in 2017, bringing rich experiences and transformative services to our residents.  


Watch: Partnership with Capital University Students


Partner Spotlight: Ohiohealth mammograms


High Performance Culture


2017 marked continued investment in developing leadership and high-caliber talent at Homeport. 


Donors & Grantors Made All the Difference

Thank you for providing dignity, security and opportunity to so many in 2017!

AEP Corporation

Affordable Housing Trust

Alan Weiler

Alvis House

Amy Klaben

Andy Malone

Ann Metzler


Aon Foundation

Bank of America

Barbara Jordan

Barbara Kane

Barbara Poppe & Associates

Beatrice Weiler

Benjamin Kelley


Betty Garrett

Big Lots Foundation

Brad Carman

Brenda Moncrief

Brian Spring

Bruce Luecke

Bruce Norton

Bryan Brown

Byers Minton & Associates

Carol Prigan

Carrie Poel



Chelsea King

Chris Hune

Christie Angel

City of Columbus

Clark Schaefer Hackett

Clendon Thomas


Colleen Shubert

Columbia Gas

Columbus Foundation

Columbus Realtors

Community Development Collaborative

Community Ventures

Cornerstone Capital

Crabbe Brown & James

Craig Lee

Crane Group

Credit Card Gifts c/o The Columbus Foundation

CREW Columbus

Dan Sharpe

Dave Guappone

David Connor

David Martinelli

David Tumen

Diamond Zimmerman

Donnya Sparrow

Douglas Buchanan

Douglas Kridler

Drew Kaufman

Eben Kent

Elaine Shroyer

Elberta Barnes



Emmett Kelly

Enterprise Community Partners

Fifth Third Bank

First Church of God

First Community Foundation

Fishel Company

Franklin County Department of Economic Development & Planning

Frieda Gilyard

GBQ Holdings


Gifts of Kindness c/o The Columbus Foundation

Greater Columbus Community Helping Hands (GCCHH)

Grote Family ("Hummingbird") Fund of the Columbus Foundation

Hank & Dorothy Evans

Harry C Moores Foundation

Helen Dunlap

Helena Bush 

Holly Field

Housing Partnership Network

Huntington Bank

Ice Miller

Impact Community Action

Jack Ryan

Jean Field

Jeney Wilkins

Jill Beckett Hill

Jodie Diewald Dryer

John Hart

John Rothschild

John Whitman

Josh Barkan

JP Morgan Chase Foundation

Julee Stephenson

Julia Parsley

Justin Metzler

Kelley Family Fund of the Columbus Foundation

Key Bank

Kirk Williams Company

Kohr Royer Griffith

Kristopher Wahlers

L Brands Foundation

Lancaster Pollard

Lara & Eric Gleckler

Laura Swanson

Laure Nordholt

Laverne Price

Lawrence Goldbach

Leah Porner

Linda Flickinger

Lynn Elliott

Macbea Foundation

Maggie Wilson

Mallory Donaldson

Marianne Horner

Mark & Kelly McCullough

Mark Pringle

Mattie James

Melanie Lund

Melissa Centers

MI Homes Foundation

Michael Jones

Michael Kelley

Michael Lange

Michael Schottenstein

Monica Baugh

Mount Carmel Foundation

Nationwide Children's Hospital

Nationwide Insurance Foundation

NeighborWorks America

NP, LP (Polaris)

Oakwood Management Company

Ohio Capital Corporation for Housing (OCCH)

Ohio Department of Education

Ohio Equities

Ohio Housing Finance Agency (OHFA)


Park National Bank

Patrick & Susanne Grabill

Paul Pardi

PNC Bank

Porter Wright Morris & Arthur

Rachel Lustig

Rebecca Hilbert

Red Capital Group

Rhema Christian Center

Rita Parise

Rob & Dawn Barkley

Rob and Dawn Barkley Fund

Rob Kitchen

Robert Niemi

Rockerfeller Fund for Shared Insight


Rose Smith


Rusty Bucket

Ruth Sternberg

Ryan Satterlee

Sam Shuler

Samantha Dye

Sara Dorman

Sara Neikirk

Sara Radcliffe

Schneider Downs

Seleshi Asfaw

Shannon Hardin

Sharon Bowen

Shelee Brenneman

Shremshock Architects

Squire Patton Boggs

St Charles Prepratory School

Stan Collins

State Auto

Stephen Steinour

Steve Buchenroth

Steve Eiland

Steve Nichol

Steve Weiler

Sundy Taylor

Susan Earp

Susan McDonough


TCF Fellowship Fund

Terracon Consultants

The Big Give Bonus Pool

Third Federal Savings

Timothy Ryan

Tom Denardo

Tom Feusse

Tom Kindron

Tom O'Hara

Tony Gugliemotto

Tracy Peters

Tristan Navera

Union Savings Bank

United Way of Central Ohio

Urban League of Columbus

US Bank

Valorie Schwarzmann

Vicky Hart

Vivian Rogers

Vogt Santer Insights



Walter Family Fund of the Columbus Foundation

Weiler Family Fund of the Columbus Foundation

Wright Patt Credit Union


A year of Impact


Take a closer look at how your support built dignity for seniors, families, and children on a limited income.


Investment with Human Returns

You can lift up vulnerable people across Central Ohio. Read the Gifting Guide to discover meaningful investment opportunities.


We're an Open Book

Here's a summary of Homeport's 2017 audited financial statement.

Support And Revenue
Government Grants $1,385,221
Contributions & Pledges $1,101,759
Development Fees $1,287,475
Rental & Other Revenue $678,176
Total Support & Revenue $4,452,631
Program Services $3,952,919
Management & General Operations $1,101,759
Fundraising $255,323
Total Expenses $5,546,389
Change in Net Assets from Operations ($1,093,758)
Change in Unrestricted Net Assets $455,924
Change in Temporarily Restricted Net Assets $455,924
Change in Permanently Restricted Net Assets ($300,000)
Change in Total Net Assets ($890,592)
Net Assets - Beginning of Year $18,218,737
Net Assets - End of Year $17,328,145

Support and Revenue



2017 Board


Back Row, Left to Rright:
Emmett M. Kelly, Matthew Keating, Stefanie Steward-Young, Stan E. Collins

Middle Row, Left to Right:
Linda Flickinger, Julee Stephenson, Melissa Centers, Stephen R. Buchenroth, Mike Lange

Front Row, Left to Right: 
Christy L. Hune, Sara Neikirk, Hank Evans, Michael Kelley

Not Pictured:
Mark McCullough, Michael C. Mentel, Michael Purcell, Mark Pringle, Paula Hughes, Anthony Anzic, Kristopher “Kip” Wahlers


Executive Team