Create strong communities by developing quality, affordable homes on a cornerstone of dignity, security and opportunity.

Since its inception in 1987, Homeport has given greater security, opportunity and dignity to thousands of low-income people by building quality, affordable homes, primarily financed with private investment leveraged by Federal tax credits. Homeport also develops new and renovated homes designed to catalyze neighborhood revitalization, including market-rate homes, single-family, and lease-to-purchase homes.

In the understanding that providing a roof over someone’s head is only the start of a stronger home, Homeport surrounds its rental communities with comprehensive support to promote long-term stability and health. With the assistance of partners and volunteers, Homeport organizes out-of-school programs, free produce markets, school supply drives, and more for thousands of residents every year. 

Homeport also equips thousands of Central Ohioans with the foundational skills needed for successful home ownership. Through group classes and one-on-one coaching, Homeport provides direction and training in key areas such as the home buying process, setting a budget, and avoiding foreclosure, with the goal of providing the tools everyone needs to be long-term stewards of a home.

A range of key local stakeholders established Homeport, including the City of Columbus, The Enterprise Foundation, Columbus REALTORS, The Columbus Foundation, and local religious and private-sector leaders.  Homeport has established itself as the largest locally-focused nonprofit producer of affordable housing and related services in the region, and as one of the top fifteen producers of affordable housing in the NeighborWorks® America national network. Read more Homeport history here.

2019 Strategic Priorities

Strategic Priority #1:  Close the Affordable Housing Gap

  1. Top priority is to house at least 250 new individuals per year through profitable Low-Income Housing Tax Credit development.

  2. Supplement our tax-credit development projects with profitable workforce-market products that leverage common design, construction and operational practices.

  3. Leverage Homeport’s unique capabilities to assist third parties in developing affordable units and use the returns to supplement our housing development funding.

  4. Continue to work closely with public and private sectors to advocate for an environment that embraces the growth of affordable housing.

Strategic Priority #2: Laser Focus on our Residents

  1. Be the standard for safe, quality, innovative affordable housing development, communities and operations.

  2. Connect residents to community services and assets essential for housing and economic stability.

  3. Prepare our residents and other prospective buyers for successful homeownership by building their confidence and financial literacy.

  4. Be a thought-leader to educate and advocate for our residents’ needs using a fact-based approach.

Strategic Priority #3: Ensure Our Core Purpose Endures

  1. Be fiscally responsible – fund necessary programs/administration through earnings; maintain sufficient capital to fund “close the gap” investments.

  2. Ensure impact and effectiveness - act with intent, clarity and transparency when prioritizing our time, talent and capital.

  3. Promote a high-performance culture characterized by trust, accountability, collaboration, respect and quality using effective, innovative leadership practices.

  4. Continue to build brand awareness focused on the support of our core purpose and business strategy.

Homeport Core Values

Trust, Accountability, Collaboration, Respect, Quality

We make decisions based on facts and reasoned assumptions, not on biases and personal opinion. We seek clarity. We make sure transparency is at the core of our interactions and decisions. At the end of the day we feel comfortable that our work is guided by honesty and strong moral principles.

EMBRACE IT [accountability]
Showing up on time, coming fully prepared to contribute and staying engaged is expected. Each of us has a unique and important role at Homeport and take full ownership in carrying out our duties and responsibilities. Do we get it right every time? No, and we respectfully offer and accept constructive feedback to better ourselves and Homeport.

Let’s work together and make sure we provide our residents with the best we can offer. We seek help because our colleagues will offer their expertise. We can make better decisions when we include those affected. Think bigger!

We all came to Homeport with different backgrounds and life experiences. As colleagues we value relationships and embrace others’ diverse experiences, dreams and quirky habits. A different perspective should be assumed to be with positive intent and extended the most generous interpretation possible. Be kind to one another.

Our residents choose to live in a Homeport community because we provide security, opportunity and dignity. We constantly challenge the status quo and we don’t take questions personally, but rather, as a means to be the best organization we can be. To exceed expectations in every facet of our work we must embrace change and do what is right, not just what is easy.

Interested in joining our team? Take a look at our career page for opportunities to join us at Homeport.