Homeport Young Professionals

Homeport Young Professionals at George's Creek Back to School Rally

Homeport Young Professionals are committed to incorporating an important segment of the population—21- to 35-year-olds—in all aspects of Homeport. This group is dedicated to supporting the Homeport mission by building awareness of the need for Affordable Housing to young, civic-minded professionals, by promoting opportunities in fundraising, networking, and volunteer service.

Young professionals across all industries and backgrounds can join and are bonded in the common interest in the mission of Homeport.

The goal of the Homeport Young Professional group is the opportunity to network with other young professionals, provide a service, and raise funds to support the mission. Many large corporations encourage their employees to give of their time, talent, and resources, often matching their financial contributions and encouraging philanthropic endeavors in the workplace. The idea of mixing social, career, and supporting a nonprofit mission makes the group fun and unique.