EMH&T Ugly Sweater Challenge

In 2014, EMH&T employees designed and wore their own Ugly Sweaters for the holidays. 
The next year they stitched together a whole new contest. Employees bid silently on who had to wear, for one day, tacky-looking sweaters designed by co-workers. The sweaters had to be worn even in meetings with clients. This engaging challenge, the Ugly Sweater Contest, creates laughter, fun -- and additional donations toward Homeport’s mission, specifically the Winter Wishes program. Since launching the contest, EMH&T has donated over $14,000 toward Homeport’s mission to create a cornerstone of dignity, security and opportunity through quality affordable homes and strong communities.

Are you ready to host your own Ugly Sweater Challenge at your office? Let us send you the fine print so you can get started.

Laverne Price  Senior Director of Resource Development

Laverne Price
Senior Director of Resource Development


Contact Laverne Price, Senior Director of Resource Development, and let her know you are interested so we can send you the fine print and promote your participation. Laverne can be reached at  614-545-4891 or use the form below.

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