Remembering our colleague, Ray Prendeville.

In 1999, Ray began working with Homeport, where he held numerous leadership positions during his tenure. As a Director, Ray focused his attention toward producing high-quality, affordable homes that lead to stability and success for families. Those having the pleasure of working with Ray experienced his natural enthusiasm, attention to detail, critical thinking, and witty sense of humor. Homeport staff and partners were often greeted by Ray's upbeat: "Top of the morning to ya!". Ray held a deep commitment to giving back and helping others progress in life. His commitment to people included helping colleagues advance in their careers.

Ray was so important to Homeport staff. His positive attitude and refusal to accept anything less than excellence made a huge impression on us, both personally and professionally. He was more than just a colleague - he was a leader, a mentor, a friend. We will miss him.

Ray had a knack for catching errors on paper before they became errors in concrete and brick. Home building for Ray was more than putting a structure together, it was building a community. Ray was an early mover and shaker in the redevelopment of North of Broad and American Addition, two long-neglected neighborhoods in Columbus. He participated in the rebirth of the North of Broad neighborhood, something he felt enormous pride in. He recognized that success was not only in revitalization of the housing stock, but also in that of the people. This gave him great hope in the future of other neighborhoods he was working on, such as American Addition.

To honor his memory, Homeport has established the Ray Prendeville fund to help the children and families at American Addition.