Thousands of people are living in unsafe housing conditions. They need your help NOW. Give the gift of home.

Low income families face extremely difficult challenges during the holiday season. The most significant challenge is not having a safe place to truly call home.

Throughout Central Ohio, thousands of families are living in unsafe, dilapidated houses. This holiday season, it is vital that we come together to support our neighbors in need. Step up to help ensure the health, safety, and welfare of those most in need in our community.

 What are low income families facing?

  • Those living in unsafe housing are less likely to have access to employment, education and resources such as food, healthcare, furniture and clothing.
  • These houses may not include basic, vital essentials such as heating and plumbing.
  • Dilapidated homes often do not include necessary accommodations for those with disabilities.
  • These poor conditions may lead to behavioral problems and extremely low academic performance in children.

What is Homeport doing to help?

  • Revitalizing neighborhoods by replacing boarded, abandoned, stripped houses with affordable, energy efficient homes.
  • Developing affordable rental communities and single family homes on bus lines near job opportunities and choices of school systems.
  • Providing education and programming for youth and adults and access to critical social services such as meals, take home groceries, furniture and counseling.
  • Providing FREE HUD certified foreclosure prevention counseling to keep people in their homes.

How can you help?

By supporting Homeport this holiday season, you make it possible for us to help our community by giving families a place to call home. They need your help NOW.  Give the gift of home. Donate online today by clicking here!


Or, send a check to: Homeport, 562 East Main St., Columbus, OH 43215