The story behind Extreme Makeover and American Addition

About two years ago in an effort to bring attention to a long forgotten neighborhood, American Addition and to help the families living there, Homeport’s Christine Garcia answered a call from EXTREME Makeover: Home Edition. The show’s producers were interested in featuring a neighborhood in the midst of a rebirth. 

Then Homeport AmeriCorps Member Katelyn Victor went door to door talking to the families and helping those interested in completing the lengthy application. Our Marketing Manager, Ray George, created videos for the families to accompany their applications, and the Director of Home Ownership and now Vice President of Homeport Programs, Craig Murphy teamed up with Mayor Coleman to shoot an additional supporting video discussing the neighborhood’s history.

Late summer 2011 the cast of EXTREME Makeover: Home Edition knocked on the door and surprised one of those families with the news that they were chosen to receive a brand new home because of their love and commitment to each other. We cannot think of a better launch to the rebuilding of this proud community.

 In October 2011, Homeport Home Ownership broke ground on the first 6 lots with homes to be completed by February, 2012. We will build over 100 homes throughout a 10 year period with 18 more anticipated in 2012. Eight different models will be available to choose from. All of the houses will be built to green AWARE standards

The City of Columbus is set to invest more than $10 million in installing the first green infrastructure in the City. Click here for an article about this groundbreaking infrastructure.

In the spring of 2010, AmeriCorps member Sam Hughes and videographer Sean Smith documented the American Addition story by interviewing current and past residents. Here are some of their stories.

Extended Trailer:Stories of American Addition
Trailer: Stories of American Addition
Marie and Jimmy Moreland: Stories of American Addition
Mayor Coleman: Stories of American Addition
Victor Merullo: Stories of American Addition
Wesley Douthitt: Stories of American Addition
Reverend Jordan: Stories of American Addition