Homeport Home Ownership Client 2

I live in NoBo, and have lived there for about two-and-a-half years now. The reason why I chose NOBO, aside from being within reach of everything in the city, was the culture and diversity that NOBO provides that other Columbus areas just don’t seem to have. The area has a lot of cultural history to teach our current generation. But what really sold me over was the willingness and vision of CHP to combine new with old to create a spiced up neighborhood. The North Of Broad Residence Association (NOBORA) takes a lot of pride in this area . . . I would love to have people that move in this area to share that same dedication and pride. Currently, the NOBORA is working on grants to beautify our streets and help out other residents with minor home repairs. We have community clean up at least once a month, and once the weather clears you will see us out and about with our kids, walking our dogs, working in the community garden or green space.