Homeport home continues providing comfort for family after 22 years

The first owners to move in to a rehabbed Homeport (then Columbus Housing Partnership) home are still enjoying their home more than two decades later. We stopped by recently to check in, and the Pauley family is as happy today as the day they moved in. Now living in the neighborhood for over 40 years, the future continues to look bright as exciting developments happen just streets away.

Read an excerpt below from the original Columbus Dispatch article, and view it in its entirety here [PDF].

The Columbus Dispatch - House now a home for ex-renters

Lacy Pauley rented a house on Hamlet Street for 20 years until he saw rehabilitation work begin on the house next door.

Pauley, 52, was so impressed with what he saw that he bought the house on the Near North Side.

He and his wife, Ruby Mae, and their three children moved into the 3-bedroom house in April. The house was rehabilitated by Columbus Housing Partnership, a non-profit group funded by the city and the private sector.

“They did all the work, and they did a beautiful job,” said Pauley, a former construction worker who retired after suffering a heart attack and undergoing bypass surgery. “You’d have to have seen it before to know what I mean.”

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