Homeport celebrates 25 years of Building Vibrant Communities in Central Ohio

For more than two decades, the organization known as Columbus Housing Partnership has worked to address the housing needs of Central Ohioans with a holistic approach designed to help people achieve stability in their lives.

Now in its 25th year, Homeport has grown substantially – both in the variety of services offered and the number of people reached. The focus has shifted from mainly building and rehabbing homes, to also providing rental homes, educational courses, credit counseling and programs to enhance community life in our neighborhoods.

Each year, Homeport serves 14,000 Central Ohioans, including the over 5,000 people – half of which are children – who live in attractive, affordable Homeport rental homes.

With efforts currently focused on revitalizing the King Lincoln District and American Addition communities, Homeport Home Ownership broke the milestone of over 100 homes sold early this year. They also work to provide affordable homes for sale in greater Franklin County, concentrating on the foreclosed or abandoned homes in an otherwise thriving neighborhood.

The Homeport Housing Advisory Center is a HUD-certified housing counseling agency, which has served more than 18,800 clients since 2001. Last year alone, 633 individuals graduated from homebuyer education and 1,341 received one-on-one foreclosure prevention counseling.

In collaboration with dozens of social service organizations, Homeport Community Life provides service coordination to all of our residents. And with the aid of AmeriCorps members, they now provide free after-school and summer programs and meals for children in 11 communities.

Officially founded as Columbus Neighborhood Partnership on April 16, 1987, Homeport has grown into an organization that uses a comprehensive approach to bring stable and vibrant homes to Central Ohio residents.