You can help! Grant a wish from our Wish List

My Home means something different for every family. But for each of us, a decent and affordable home is the cornerstone of family life and a vibrant community. Our Homeport Programs are Building Vibrant Communities.

Homeport Community Life Programs

  • Computers, Wiis, DVD players, movies, and games to increase social interaction for seniors and all ages in our community centers
  • School supplies, books for all ages, art supplies, tickets to sporting events and cultural events
  • Summer Camp Sponsorships for kids
  • Field Trip and transportation sponsorships
  • Bus Passes
  • Gift Cards for events, incentives and acknowledgements
  • Non-perishable snacks, juice and water
  • Welcome basket goodies:
    • Cleaning and laundry supplies
    • Personal hygiene products
    • Bath and kitchen supplies
    • Gift cards to grocery stores, Target or Walmart

Homeport Home Ownership

  • Stocked toolboxes for home maintenance
  • Flower/plant donations
  • Furniture and art for staging model homes
  • Gift certificates to local businesses for open houses

Volunteer your time individually or as a family or group

Host a My Home event for your friends or colleagues at our home or yours

Be an ambassador for our Homeport Programs

To grant a wish from this list, please contact Nicole Papa Odegaard at 614-221-8889 x235  or