Artist Reception with Antoinette Savage

Ancestral Legacy: The Best in Me

My art is in honor of my Ancestors. I am their legacy. I am the best of them.  My artist gifts stems from their willingness to persevere in spite of what was going on around them. This legacy that they have left me has taught me to “Dance like nobody’s watching, Love like you’ve never been hurt, and Live like there’s no tomorrow!

My purpose for creating my dolls is three-fold.  First, because I feel that the Creator has called me to do this.  Second, it is my hope that the viewer will feel a sense of connection, to the color, fabric and especially the spirit of the dolls and third, as an Artist it gives me an opportunity to make a connection with people through conversations regarding my art.

The construction of my dolls involves creating the structure using a variety of media.  To complete the doll, the body is wrapped with fabrics selected for their patterns, vibrant colors and cultural significance.

The dolls are named as I work with them. They seem to reveal to me what they wish to be known as, and usually it is a reference to their persona.

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Photo courtesy of Janet D. George