Homeport has grown to call many places "Our Home" over 25 years.

In 1987, Columbus Housing Partnership (CHP) was formed to bring the community together in addressing the affordable housing needs of the city. CHP settled at 1465 East Broad Street in our first home and grew quickly to 13 staff members. After only a few years, we moved across town to 610 Neil Avenue into an existing United Methodist church. There, we were able to utilize office space during the week, while the church held services on the weekends.

With 14 employees and looking toward future expansion, CHP once again searched for a home and moved to our present location at 562 East Main Street. As our services expanded into neighborhood revitalization in 2008, Homeport was born out of the need to have a presence furthering these efforts in the King Lincoln District. An office at 736 East Long Street was opened soon after the KLD's Gateway Building was ready. Continuous expansion of our Homeport programs meant our staff size had to follow suit. By 2010, our Main Street office was bursting at the seams with 55 staff members. This necessitated the need to move our accounting and Rental Living departments to the ground floor of our Stoddart Studios on South Fourth Street.

Our growth over the past 25 years has led us to various homes, and no matter where we call "Our Home" in the future, our mission of Building Vibrant Communities is sure to follow.