Emerald Glen Girls Circle Celebrate with Awards and Poetry Slam

On Tuesday, March 27, 2012, the Emerald Glen Apartment Girls Circle participated in a poetry slam with a microphone in front of an audience including Janae Littlejohn, the National Plus Teen USA Ambassador. All the girls shared a piece that they wrote or something that struck a chord inside of them. The mic brought something out of them, a certain energy and strength. They all clapped after a reading. They also got to ask questions to Janae and hear her spoken word poetry too.

After the poetry slam, AmeriCorps members, Aisha Upton & Frankie Lee, gave out 9 awards for perfect attendance for Winter season and 3 special awards granted to girls that struck a chord with the Girls Circle Philosophy: Helping Hands, Respectful Leader and GC Warrior.  Everyone shared bubble gum and took fun snap shots with Janae before ending this fun evening.

Great job EG Girls!

Frankie Lee, Emerald Glen AmeriCorps Member