Homeport Community Life's Summer of Wonder 2012 Summer FunCamp begins

The first week of camp went great with campers having fun with their friends and trying new activities. The campers start their day with physical and mental warm-ups to stretch and ready their muscles and minds before the lesson of the day. Then it’s time for lots of fun learning activities! The first week’s lessons focused on learning about weather patterns, surviving nature, and what to do in case of a weather emergency. The campers learned about the different types of clouds that exist and which ones cause storms. They discovered how tornadoes happen and made 2-liter bottles into models they could swirl around and see a twister form in. Boats and dams were made and tested to see how well they could do in a water emergency. Sundials were created and tested to see if anyone could survive if lost without a clock. After the lesson, the children played outside games and participated in fun physical activities throughout the day. Some games continued the theme from the lesson, like weather trivia relay races, while others were pure sport, like an intense game of kickball! Other parts of the campers' day include breakfast and lunch provided by Columbus Parks and Recreation and the opportunity to share their experiences in writing with pen-pals paired between Homeport sites! - Alisha Bicknell, AmeriCorps Member

For 2012, new Summer of Wonder and Zula themes are being offered at some of our communities. The following communities are hosting children for lunch, a snack and fun programming through August:

  • Pheasant Run
  • Marsh Run
  • Framingham
  • Emerald Glen
  • George’s Creek

Our Bending Brook community has partnered with the Hoover Y camp and Homeport Single Family Homes are offering camp options. Also, our Scattered Site housing communities have been linked with multiple options through Central Community House, Greater Linden Community Development Association, Godman Guild, and more.