Homeport Rental Living partners to manage our 2,000 rental homes

Wallick Companies

The Wallick family has developed, built and managed communities for more than 40 years, which shows we're committed. The fact that both property owners and residents stay with Wallick, shows they're committed. That's a powerful statement, one that says you can count on Wallick.

Here's how Wallick creates value for you and your communities:

  • We know what keeps our unique kind of properties full and running efficiently, and we continue to develop innovative strategies to keep them that way
  • We've learned what is impossible to know without experience: that beyond competence, it's important to provide turnkey services to our owners and secure, enjoyable and caring communities to our residents
  • We're nuts about compliance — it keeps us, and you, out of trouble
  • We simply out work our competition — while others strive to be good, we work to provide the best customer service in the industry — period
  • We've added and staffed important services that extend beyond typical property management, such as:
    • Asset Management, to identify issues early and take corrective action
    • Resident Services, to enhance and extend the care we provide residents
    • Evergreen Materials (our purchasing group) has consolidated specs and coordinated buys, to ensure you get the right materials, at the best price
    • Talent Management and Wallick University, focused on hiring, retaining and training the right people

In the end, our value comes in delivering expected returns and worry-free service to owners and investors — and safe, family-focused service to residents. You can count on Wallick. Many have for a very long time.

Community Properties of Ohio

In 2003, Ohio Capital Corporation for Housing (OCCH) acquired the largest portfolio of scattered site project-based Section 8 rental housing in the nation. With 250 buildings across seven inner-city Columbus neighborhoods, these units had historically struggled with poor maintenance, high crime, and residents living in severe poverty with limited social and financial resources.

CPO's Mission

  • Provide quality affordable housing
  • Link residents with resources that stabilize their housing
  • Assist residents to move beyond poverty where possible

The three elements of the CPO mission are closely linked. Providing quality housing, with responsive customer service, begins to lay the foundation for a relationship of trust. A relationship of trust empowers our efforts to link residents with needed resources for  stability and for eventually moving beyond poverty.