Be a Homeport Ambassador

What does it mean to be a Homeport Ambassador?

  • Tell others that you are involved as a volunteer, donor, or board member and believe in the organization – your family, friends, neighbors, work colleagues, members of place of worship, banker, accountant, lawyer, stylist, baby-sitter, card group, book club.
  • Practice your elevator speech. Be ready to talk about the organization when the moment is presented. It has to be authentic and enthusiastic.
  • Wear a Homeport T-shirt or button, use your Homeport mug at work to encourage people to ask you about it and give you an opportunity to talk about the organization.
  • Invite Amy or another staff member to speak at your civic group or professional association, have a booth at your workplace volunteer fair or services fair.
  • Forward invitations with a personal note or hand out invitations to Homeport’s events. Who do you know who has a soft spot for our mission? Help them learn more about us.
  • Have handy fliers, community reports and information about the organization with you in your car or office. You can request these from Adam Proehl in Resource Development at or 545-4801.
  • Introduce Homeport staff to people in your world when you see them out at a CMC lunch or events or invite them to go with you.
  • Keep up to date on the services Homeport provides. Ask staff for information you need. Best of all, seek out hands-on experiences in the community centers and senior communities, take tours of Homeport neighborhoods. Talk to residents and clients.
  • Be on the lookout for new partners for the organization. Be the connector, the link between Homeport and other community resources. This can be services or funding.
  • Be on the lookout for prospective board members and committee members and people who may be willing to be ambassadors themselves. Get to know these people to make sure that they have a commitment to the work Homeport does. It is not enough that a person works at an influential company in town.
  • Always speak well of the organization. Focus on our successes and ways people can help us serve more people.
  • Ask your company to be a sponsor or contributor to fund raising efforts or events.
  • Provide a Level With Us statement about why you are passionate about Homeport.
  • Use social media to tell others about Homeport. Post on Facebook or tweet on Twitter about attending events or your experiences or a great board meeting or interaction with staff or clients. Become a fan or follower of Homeport and like Homeport’s posts. Join the social media conversation!