Homeport Gallery reception for Ceola D. Garrett

Come to the Homeport Gallery to meet the featured artist, Ceola D. Garrett and check out her exhibit, Reflections.  We will be featuring pieces from Ceola's Diva series for this night only!  Stop by for art, light refreshments, and the chance to chat with the artist!

Time: 6:00pm-8:00pm
Refreshments will be served
Date: Saturday, September 29, 2012
Location: 779 E Long St (next to the Lincoln Theatre)

If you cannot make it out for the reception, the exhibit will be up through October 7th.


You can read about Ceola's artistic journey below:

Growing up in a family of eight children, our parents had little resources to purchase the necessities – let alone toys or a television. They did, however, provide us with books, pencils, crayons, finger paints, and paper to keep us busy. I used these items to escape the everyday challenges of growing up in a large family. Although I enjoyed reading, my true passion was creating works of art – from designing clothes for my paper dolls to drawing and painting. As I grew up, I married and committed myself to my family, putting away my “tools of peace”.

In 2007, my dad (or daddy, as we affectionately called him) passed away, and I found myself in great turmoil. I struggled with the roller-coaster challenges of life and the grief that gripped me; many days, I could not function nor find comfort, joy, or peace. During a very difficult day in 2008, God reminded me of my “tools of peace” and how they brought me through some challenging times during my childhood. For my birthday that year, I asked my family for an easel, canvasses, paint, and brushes. They looked at me and their faces said, “Yeah right!” They asked what was I going to do with “those things”, and I told them that I wanted to paint. Though they had doubts, they bought me the requested items. Just as they thought, I didn’t use the items, so I put them away. But during a very “dark” day, I pulled them out and began to paint. I didn’t know what I was painting, but as I painted, I began to escape and find peace. After several hours, I was amazed that I had created eight works of art! After examining the paintings, I gave them a title – bringing life and meaning to them. To my amazement, some expressed sadness, joy, pain, peace, and the “uprising of hope”.
When I shared the paintings with my family, they were astonished and pleased at what I had created. They encouraged me to share my paintings with others, and after much resistance, I did. I found that others enjoyed my works of art and encouraged me to continue to paint.

As I delved more in to painting and became a little more confident, I decided to paint with a purpose, creating a “diva” series that became instantly popular. Another group of paintings that became and remain popular are my “inspirational” pieces.

I don’t paint everyday, but when I need to escape, I do and find comfort and peace that brings me through whatever I’m going through. It is my hope that those who view my works of art will not only find beauty and appreciation, but also comfort, joy, peace, or a message of hope that brings them “through”.

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