Let Ellie know her neighbors care

Ellie needs YOU. She has moved 4 times in the last 24 months as she and her mom, 2 sisters, and brother have struggled to find housing with sufficient bedrooms, adequate heat and plumbing, where the kids can safely play outdoors and make friends. Each move has meant a new school and another new adjustment for a little girl already feeling isolated and different from others. Without the stability of an affordable, energy efficient, permanent home, in a safe neighborhood with access to community resources such as food, healthcare, educational and employment assistance, Ellie and her family's future is bleak. Tonya, Ellie's mom, shares,

"We live out of boxes because we know our stay at each place will be short. My kids and I feel very alone. We never stay long enough in one place to make friends or feel part of the neighborhood, because we often feel unsafe. We are good people who just want to lay down roots so my kids feel a part of their neighborhood and their school."

Please make your gift today for Ellie. Let her know her neighbors care.

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