MLK – Taking a “day on” for service

Homeport's Community Life considers MLK holiday a "day on" in service at citywide celebration

Starting with a breakfast celebration planned by residents of Elim Manor, service continued with a citywide AmeriCorps Justice Talking Dialogue at American Red Cross. Homeport AmeriCorps then headed to City Hall, where they set up a Peace Dove booth and participated in the annual Martin Luther King march. Many of our Social Work Interns fulfilled their human rights hours in the community throughout the day.

“Many sincere thanks to all of you for coming out in the spine-chilling cold weather to make a difference. I appreciate everyone stepping up and volunteering for the King March.  Your help was deeply valued.  It is going to take young people like you to carry on Dr. King’s legacy.  I am very impressed with what I saw in all of you.  Continue on with your good work.  If I can assist you in any way please feel free to call or e-mail me. Great job. And again, thanks. Keep up the good work,” Gale Gray, Community Relations Coordinator, City of Columbus

More details and photos in next week's "Off to a Good Start."