National College recognizes Homeport as a Distinguished Community Employer

National College recognizes Distinguished Community Employers on a regular basis in each of their campus communities, one of which being Columbus. These organizations have supported employment in their community by hiring highly-qualified National College graduates, by providing tuition assistance for their employees to attend National College, or by providing the opportunity for National College students to receive hands-on training in a work environment through our externship program. Homeport was honored to be recognized as such an organization earlier this month. Hear from National College graduate Casey King, now Accounting Coordinator for Homeport, reflecting on her own journey below.

"Making the choice to attend National College was the best decision I ever made for myself and my family’s future. The faculty at National College gave me the education and inspiration to achieve academic and professional success. They showed me the steps to take and the ways in which to take them. National College helped open the door for me at Homeport through a highly recommended externship program. The program is part of National’s graduation process to assist their students gaining experience in the work place. Without the externship here at Homeport through National guidance, I may never have found this amazing organization that helps so many individuals in our community."