Homeport becomes new member of Community Shares of Mid Ohio

Homeport has joined Community Shares of Mid Ohio’s coalition of nonprofits and will now benefit from donations received through giving campaigns at workplaces throughout central Ohio.

Community Shares of Mid Ohio organizes workplace giving campaigns and allocates a share to Homeport on a quarterly basis. Donors can specify Homeport as the recipient of their donations, and Homeport can earn more from a general fund by participating in Community Shares. With these donations we can continue our mission to create and preserve healthy, stable and affordable communities–one neighborhood, one person at a time.

Does your employer offer workplace giving campaigns which include Community Shares of Mid Ohio? Check the list of participating workplaces at www.communityshares.net to see if your workplace is helping our community. If not, contact us or Community Shares (www.communityshares.net) to learn how you can have your workplace included.