“Home Matters” movement aims to unite America

On March 12th, Homeport helped launch a new national movement called Home Matters™, which aims to build public support for the essential role that Home plays as the bedrock for thriving lives, families, and a stronger nation. Home Matters is spearheaded by National NeighborWorks® Association – a close partner of Practitioners Leveraging Assets for Community Enhancement (PLACE) – of which we are a member – along with a coast-to-coast coalition of housing and community development organizations, other nonprofits, companies, and the public at large.

The launch took place in Washington, DC, with Shaun Donovan, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, and a bipartisan group of Members of Congress participating, along with nearly 200 NNA members. The Members of Congress reflected a broad political spectrum, underscoring that Home Matters no matter what your political beliefs.

  • As it expands, Home Matters will go beyond housing and illuminate the connections between stable housing and other important facets of American life such as:
  • Individual Success: Home recharges adults and children alike for the day ahead.
  • Education: Children in stable homes learn and achieve more in school.
  • Health: Healthy habits take root more easily in stable affordable homes.
  • Public Safety: Stable homes make communities safer.
  • A Strong Economy: Homes that are affordable are crucial to a vibrant job-generating economy.

“My Home means 3 things to me.  My home where I live means a warm, cozy, and peaceful place where my husband Jordan and I, with the help of our village, our extended family and friends, raised our 2 wonderful sons.  My home where I spend most of my time is with my 2nd family at Homeport.   I am involved with Homeport because we recognize that a home is a foundation for family stability, but for a family’s success must be supported by a village of programs.  My home also means to me the learning centers in our apartment communities which provide meals, tutors, educational programs, lots of smiles and hugs, and a safe place for our kids to grow and learn.”  –Amy Klaben, President/CEO of Homeport

We hope that you will visit the Home Matters website (www.HomeMattersAmerica.com), share your insights, tell your colleagues and friends about the movement, and connect to it through Facebook and Twitter. It’s time for the crucial roles that Home plays to be more broadly understood.