Homeport Homes Score "Big" on Energy Efficiency

We actually scored low, which is exactly what we want! As we continue to provide quality housing at affordable costs, one of the areas we focus on for our residents is the energy efficiency of their home. The Home Energy Rating System (HERS) is the nationally recognized system for rating a home's energy efficiency, and they rate efficiency on a scale from 0 to 150. The lower the score, the more efficient the home. We are proud to share our ratings on new homes in the NoBo area constructed by KMM Builders and Egner Construction. They are designed with insulation and air sealing components that exceed code requirements, have Energy Star rated appliances, Energy Star rated windows and doors, efficient HVAC and Hot water systems, solar panels, and the paints and floor finishes have no VOC’s or volatile organic compounds which results in a healthier indoor environment for the occupants. 

Our recent HERS ratings:
36  181 North 20th Street
33  149 North 20th Street  /  229 North 22nd Street  /  275 North 22nd Street
31  156 North 20th Street  /  158 North 20th Street  /  177 North 20th Street 

How does a HERS rating translate?
HERS Index Score of 30
A great score! This home is 70% more energy efficient than a standard new home and 100% more efficient than the typical resale home! It has been designed and built with energy efficiency in mind, resulting in a home that is environmentally friendly, enjoys a high comfort level and benefits from low energy costs.

For more information about HERS ratings and what they mean, please visit: