Homeport’s Board of Directors Votes to Endorse Issues 50 and 51

Homeport Board of Directors Votes to Endorse the Columbus Education Levy

The Homeport Board of Directors recently voted to endorse the Columbus Education Plan. “At Homeport we are concerned with the high rate of poverty in our community. We recognize that education is a pathway out of poverty, and that living in a safe, decent, affordable home in a safe, decent neighborhood is key to family stability, financial security, and children’s educational success,” said Bruce Luecke, Homeport’s Board Chair of the Board’s decision to endorse the levy. “Home is the first step toward stability, but the opportunity for rising out of poverty requires individuals and families to have assistance in identifying and accessing a myriad of resources, including high quality schools, food, health and mental health services, and employment opportunities.”

Homeport is a leading provider of affordable homes in central Ohio and is currently focusing on neighborhood revitalization efforts in the King Lincoln District and American Addition communities. More than 5,000 people in Central Ohio live in Homeport homes. Homeport believes in a holistic approach to helping families up and out of poverty. As studies show that the number one reason that people live in poverty is because they are born into that circumstance, education is an important component to breaking the cycle. Homeport works with many of the community’s non-profits to secure educational opportunities for its youngest residents. One example is a partnership with the United Way of Central Ohio Columbus Kids! Program, which focuses on preschool education.

“We believe that all children in Columbus must have a high quality education and that the Columbus Education Plan is a comprehensive approach to meet that goal. It will strengthen and broaden the educational opportunities available to the more than 1,600 children living in Homeport homes and who attend Columbus City Schools,” said Amy Klaben, President/CEO of Homeport.