Be a Champion. Join the Challenge TODAY. Double the impact of your gift!

Double the impact of your gift to help more Central Ohio neighbors benefit from affordable housing.

Every dollar of your support will be matched  dollar for dollar by generous donors who have pledged to double your impact. Become a Homeport Champion and more low income kids, families and seniors will have better lives because of decent, safe and affordable homes, plus essential services that help provide a pathway out of poverty. Below are examples of how your gift helps others.  Please know that your investment during The Challenge Match DOUBLES its impact on the people we serve.

Your generous gift will help a child, a family, or an elderly Homeport neighbor improve the quality of their life. Here are examples of what your gift will do: 

  • THE ARMY OF A THOUSAND -$25 – Your gift is matched dollar for dollar 
    Combine your gift with 999 of your neighbors to ensure that the kids of Homeport have continued access where they live to after school and summer programming that provides academic and life skill enrichment in a safe environment preparing each child for success. 
  •  IT’S ELECTRIC - $50  – Your gift is matched dollar for dollar
    Provides a low income senior living in a Homeport Senior Community with access to transportation services for a year helping them maintain their independence. 
  • GROUND BREAKERS -$100  – Your gift is matched dollar for dollar
     Provides a low income family or senior with essential household and personal items everyone needs for a year.  Residents often come to our communities without basic items important for day to day living.  
  • BRICK LAYERS - $250  – Your gift is matched dollar for dollar
    Teaches residents in a Homeport community how to work together with their neighbors to build a sense of pride and ownership that reduces crime.
  • FOUNDATION BUILDERS - $500  – Your gift is matched dollar for dollar 
    Provides 1 -1 Financial/Budget Counseling to one person/family to enable them to successfully manage their scarce resources. 
  • FRAMING THE ISSUE -$1,000 – Your gift is matched dollar for dollar
    Provides foreclosure prevention counseling sessions to one family to help them save their home from foreclosure and successfully move forward toward financial stability.
  • RAISE THE ROOF -$2,000 – Your gift is matched dollar for dollar 
    Annually provides a child in a Homeport rental community with free after school and summer enrichment activities that include a nutritious meal, tutoring and mentoring that ensures they are safe, engaged, and school ready. 

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