Members of Homeport's family join with Harmony Project #onecolumbus

Harmony Project invited Angie Rodriguez, Homeport Outreach Coordinator, and Deqa Mahammed, Homeport Supportive Services Coordinator, to participate in their One Family. One Spirit of Columbus project. The Harmony Project is an organization working to bond the Columbus community across different backgrounds, ethnicities, religions, ages, political afflictions and sexual orientations through both service and song.

Over the course of a week, people from ten different families united as one family for a series of meals, conversations and experiences intended to build bridges across cultural, socioeconomic, educational and geographic lines. Every moment was filmed, and at the end of the collective weeklong experience, the film premiered at The Columbus Foundation on Sunday, November 24th. Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Atheist, agnostic, Republican, Democrat, Independent, people who live in gated communities and people who live behind bars, CEOs and college students, veterans and hipsters, 20-somethings to seventy-somethings... all in an attempt to define the "spirit" of Columbus. This has been a relatively quiet project (by Harmony Project standards), but it will perhaps have the greatest impact by shining a spotlight on what separates us while leading us a little closer to common ground. 

Check back with us for updates on when the final film featuring Angie and Deqa is available to view! To find out more about the Harmony Project or to see their work, check out their website here.

Thank you to The Columbus Foundation, Karen Jones and the Lurie Family Foundation, The Women's Fund of Central Ohio, Ohio Capital Corporation for Housing, Janelle Simmons and Limited BrandsThe Columbus Dispatch, Crane Group, Yoga on High Foundation, Puffin West Puffin Foundation West, Ltd., and Easton Community Foundation for your support of this project. Together, we are building a more connected Columbus. #onecolumbus