A Very Special Exhibit

We are excited to share that the Rosa Parks Children's Art Exhibit will come to the Homeport Gallery before it heads to the Ohio Statehouse on it's tour of the capital city! 
The exhibit features art from students around Columbus who gave tribute to the courageous act of Mrs. Rosa Parks through their art. The students were asked to create an artistic response to the question, "What would you do if you had a chance to do a brave/kind/courageous thing?" Their responses will inspire you and their passion to make a difference in this world will warm your heart. 

We invite you to participate in this interactive exhibit as well!
Whether you join us for the reception or come by for a visit another time, we invite you to create your own response to the same question. We will display your art alongside this unique and inspiring exhibit.

Show Reception:
Date: Thursday,  January 23rd
Time: 5:00pm ~ 7:00pm
Location: Homeport Gallery 779 E Long St (next to the Lincoln Theatre)

The show will run from January 16~26 during regular gallery hours. Connect with us on Facebook for updates. For more information on the gallery and hours, click here.

A special thanks to the Central Ohio Transit Authority (COTA) and Lincoln Theater for bringing this special show to the Homeport Gallery!