Brightening the lives of children in Homeport communities!

Our first-ever Bright Ideas Book Bank was a great success!

Formerly our Winter Wishes program, we enhanced our efforts in order to promote the importance of education. All kids, ages 0–18, living in our communities were given the opportunity to select one book from a pre-approved list to receive free of charge. Homeport wanted to encourage children to enjoy reading and stay engaged in learning during their winter break from school. We gave books to 368 children in communities around Central Ohio! As books were distributed, interest grew and we are expecting an even larger turnout for the spring edition of Bright Ideas Book Banks!

The Bright Ideas Book Bank was an orchestrated effort reaching across Columbus, and it was only successful because so many people got involved. Once children registered, lists were distributed and the books began arriving at our offices here on East Main Street. Volunteers came and helped sort the books and prepare them for distribution. They also incorporated a nameplate for each child inside the book as well as a bookmark. Volunteers once again joined us for the distribution of the books at the different book fairs. It was a large effort – and we are so thankful for each person who contributed! You made a huge difference in the lives of those students!

Keep an eye out for the upcoming information Bright Ideas Book Bank which will be held prior to summer break! If you would like to talk with someone about getting involved, please contact Morgen Wade, Manager of Volunteer Engagement, at