Inspiring Art from Columbus Kids

The Homeport Gallery was privileged to host COTA's Rosa Parks Children’s Art Exhibit on it's tour of the capital city! The tour started at the Ohio Historical Society, then came to our gallery in the King Lincoln District before heading to the Statehouse. The exhibit featured art from students in Columbus who gave tribute to the courageous act of Mrs. Rosa Parks. They were asked to create an artistic response to the question, "What would you do if you had a chance to do a brave/kind/courageous thing?" Their responses were inspirational and their passion to make a difference in the world warmed our hearts. 

When we saw the impact Rosa Parks' courage made on the students, we wanted to invite everyone to consider their own response to the same question. We asked students involved in Homeport programming in our communities to create responses as well as set up art stations in the gallery for anyone who came by. The art then hung alongside the Children's Art Exhibit.

This exhibit grew into not only a celebration of children's art but a community response to courageous acts and a passion to see the world become a better place.

A very special thanks to the Central Ohio Transit Authority (COTA) and Lincoln Theater for bringing this special show to the Homeport Gallery!