State of the City: Mayor Coleman cares about affordable housing

From Mayor Mike Coleman during his State of the City address at the Greater Columbus Convention Center:

"Sharing our [city's] success means ensuring our residents have roofs over their heads and strong neighborhoods to live in.

It means extending to all our children their right to a quality education.

It means training our workforce to fill the good jobs that are available today. And it means increasing opportunity for workers seeking better wages.

These are deep-seeded challenges, and they will not be solved through good intentions or high aspirations alone. They will be solved in our neighborhoods, our businesses, our homes and in the hearts and minds of every resident. And I believe the city has a role too."

Later, Mayor Coleman discussed the current status of the education system in Columbus and the importance of making sure each child has access to education and tools.

"Unfortunately, 34 percent of Columbus City Schools children enter kindergarten unprepared. And almost 60 percent of our third graders are not ready to pass the state’s third-grade reading guarantee. This requires them to repeat the third grade. Not only will this strain our resources, facilities and teachers. But by failing to read at the very basic third-grade level, these children will already be behind before they get started in life. Education must start early."

Kids in Homeport communities get help with their schoolwork as well as have quality programming with people who care. We are committed to providing the tools children need to be successful. Join the Army of 1000 ($25) which supports programming for our kids or volunteer your time and be a part of the solution. #armyof1000 #affordablehousing

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