Homeport Launches Leadership Training for Residents

In addition to providing affordable housing, Homeport believes in providing a pathway out of poverty by providing access to tools and services that can help each person in our communities be successful. March kicked off Homeport's introduction to the LeaderSpark Program for our residents. This program aims to build intergenerational community leaders and offer training to build those skills. LeaderSpark’s approach is practical, hands-on, and focused on building leadership competencies to use at home, school, in the community and at work.

Trainings focus on the skills needed to be able to:

  • work together in groups
  • manage conflict
  • plan and implement projects
  • interview and make presentations

We are also proud to announce that four residents completed 10 hours of intensive group facilitation specific training. Participants attended eight sessions as well as participated in rigorous resident leadership efforts. At the end of their training, these community leaders received up to a $500 stipend. Up to 25 residents can participate in this program so we hope even more will join the next LeaderSpark training.

When residents work together in the communities in which they live, they make their neighborhood strong, safe, attractive and fun. These are key to helping every person in Central Ohio live in a safe, decent and affordable neighborhood.

Homeport is Building Vibrant Communities