Let’s talk about impact: Hussein’s Story

Staff and volunteers at Homeport’s rental communities shepherd youth towards growth, self-respect and a greater understanding of the world around them during out of school programming. Here is the story of one child in Emerald Glen’s summer day camp for kids aged 5-12.

On the first day 5 year-old Hussein walked into our summer program, Chris, a Homeport volunteer thought to himself, “Now, here’s a kid that’s not ready for kindergarten.” When he first came into the program, Hussein was completely nonverbal, except for the ability to say his name. Whether he was too shy, or simply couldn’t speak, Chris couldn’t say. All he knew is that for Hussein, camp would be a difficult experience.

Throughout the summer, though, thanks to the guidance and encouragement of the counselors and supportive peers, Hussein began to come into his own. Soon, he was not only playing games and participating in daily activities, but he was talking! Over the course of eight weeks, Chris watched this shy, introverted little boy transform. When he walked out of our summer camp, Hussein was ready to take on kindergarten.