Homeport HELPS affordability challenges

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Homeport, a nonprofit housing agency, announced today that it is starting a club to promote increased financial stability.  The Homebuyer Education program will serve as an avenue for preparation for home ownership so residents can become and remain successful homeowners.

The organization recently made the decision to have all its counseling advisors certified as Personal Financial Coaches and started the Coaching Club.

A recent survey by NeighborWorks America, a national nonprofit affordable housing advocacy, found that almost 70 million working age Americans – approximately one-third – have no emergency savings, and 25 percent only have enough saved to cover 30 days of living expenses including rent or mortgage payments.  More information on the survey results is available at www.nw.org/fincapsurvey.

“Financial education has been essential to me because – by bettering my finances I am able to better my life quality,” said Meesha Sparrow, a Homeport Financial Fitness participant.  “I have less stress because I have a plan.  Being a single woman, it has helped me tremendously having a Homeport Housing Advisor to guide me.  I don’t feel alone anymore when it comes to finances.  It has taught me how to make my money work for me instead of working for my money.”

For the past 26+ years, Homeport has focused its efforts on stabilizing communities and making housing more affordable in Central Ohio.  Homeport provides homes and related services to nearly 15,000 people annually.  In addition to providing families a place to call home, their Community Life Programs and Housing Advisory Center address the underlying social and economic needs facing individuals and families within our neighborhoods.  

Homeport is a private non-profit organization whose mission it is to create and preserve healthy, stable and affordable communities, one neighborhood, one person at a time by: