Meet Some Inspiring Young Men

When people move into Homeport communities, they also gain a network of resources, education and opportunities that help each person be successful. In an effort to provide this right in our communities, Homeport's Community Engagement Leader, Gwyn Stetler, began both leadership training as well as resident engagement initiatives. Both adults and youth have come together to discuss issues important to their community as well as learn leadership skills.

And lead they have! 

At one particular community, some young men began meeting as a group. They decided they wanted to host an event honoring Frederick Douglass for which they learned about the life of Mr. Douglass and created their own presentation for the community. They worked hard and put on a great event! 

Witnessing these young men take initiative and lead an educational event outside of required school assignments is impressive. Here at Homeport, we also understand that while a roof over these young men's heads is essential – there is more to do. Allowing them the opportunity to shine can help them realize their own potential and dream more. When this happens, communities become more vibrant.

As an added bonus, it also warms our hearts and inspires each who hear of their efforts.