Homeport's Young Professionals Serve It Up Fresh

Each year between April and October, Homeport teams up with the Mid-Ohio Foodbank to host Fresh Produce Fairs in our communities. They are held 1-3 times per month and are open to both Homeport residents and the public. At each fair, over 12,000 pounds of fresh produce is delivered, and each person leaves with enough fresh fruits, vegetables, baked goods, and dairy products for everyone in their household – all free of cost. The partnership is mutually beneficial – solving storage and distribution issues for the Foodbank while providing food at its peak freshness right to our residents’ doors.

Homeport relies on individuals and groups of volunteers to help with everything – from setup to welcoming residents, distributing produce, clean-up, and transportation of leftovers to partnering food pantries. Our very own Homeport Young Professionals group recently joined in this volunteer effort. This group is passionate about helping their neighbors here in Columbus and about making a difference in the lives of the people served by Homeport. They raise money for after school programming in Homeport communities and picked the Produce Distribution Fair as one of their ways to serve.

And Serve They Did!

The Homeport Young Professionals brought 25 volunteers who served 190 different families. Taking into consideration the number of people per family, they were able to reach 1,150 people total with fresh food! This was a new record number served at our Produce Fairs! They worked very hard, had fun and made a difference to hundreds of people.

Thank you Homeport Young Professionals! If you are interested in finding out more about the Homeport Young Professional Group, please click here.