Is Your Child Ready for School?

Through the United Way program – Columbus Kids/Franklin County
Kids – Homeport offers free learning checkups to make sure children
are ready to enter kindergarten.
All children, ages 2 1/2 years through 4 years and 3 months, are eligible
for the assessment. Parents fill out a short questionnaire, and Columbus
Kids staff can evaluate whether a child is ready to begin school.

  •  Takes only 20 minutes 
  • Activities and gifts are provided for kids needing more development in order to be ready to start school 
  • Follow-up every 6 months for all children until they start kindergarten 
  • All participants receive a Kroger gift card and a free children’s book! 

For Columbus City Schools, please call Angie Rodriguez at
614.221.8889 x4803 and for Southwestern City Schools, please call
Katelynn Martin at 614.221.8889 x4832.