June 2014: Summer Begins

Hello from Homeport! Summer is in full swing and Homeport is busy
with lots of activities and programs! You may see us in your community
more often with the warmer weather! We also recently celebrated the
graduates of the LeaderSpark program – a resident leadership training.
They will continue to help in their own neighborhoods and we hope
inspire more residents to take advantage of this opportunity. A couple of
women also joined in to volunteer with Homeport in their own community
– a great way to get to know your neighbors and help out! So many
things to do this summer!

We hope you enjoyed the first edition of the newsletter. As a resident of
a Homeport community, you are connected to a large network of
resources, services and educational opportunities that we hope you will
use. This newsletter showcases some of these offerings, so if you see
something you are interested in, please call us at 614.545.4844 to get
more information or to sign up.