You Are the Neighborhood

HOME OWNERSHIP + NEIGHBORHOODS. They are inextricably linked. When considering buying a home, regardless of whether you are a first-time home buyer, or a second or third-time home buyer, we all ask the same questions: “What’s the price?” “What does it look like?” And of course, “Where’s it located?”, also known as, the neighborhood. Generally, buying a home is a very personal decision, centered on the needs of the family and personal preference. For some, a home must have a dishwasher, but for others it is the yard that is the selling point. Beyond this though, you could also look at home ownership from the community perspective. As a home owner, you are choosing a neighborhood to become a part of.

Consider what that means. Neighborhoods are made up of people, therefore the decisions individuals make about how they interact in their neighborhoods makes a direct impact – for good or for bad. What does it mean to you when people litter in front of your home? How do simple smiles and a warm hello affect the feel of your street? Your decisions define the neighborhood. And truthfully, these questions are not just for home owners. Whether you are renting or buying, we all make up neighborhoods – each of us as individuals – and you have the power to make your neighborhood better.

Here at Homeport, our vision is that every person lives in a vibrant community where they are empowered to dream and shape their future. That is why we strive to create homes people can afford in communities like these. So, how will you contribute as a part of the neighborhood? Are you going to participate in the neighborhood clean-up, join in with the annual block party, or attend the civic/resident association meeting? I know what you are thinking, “When am I going to have time for that?” A few hours a month can go a long way towards enhancing your relationship with your neighbors and the improving the community. 

Leah Evans
Director of Home Ownership

Take the leap! Get involved! For your efforts, you will be rewarded with a strong, vibrant neighborhood that you call home.