King Lincoln District focus of 2014 REALTOR® Care Day

2014 REALTOR® Care Day

For the 2014 REALTOR® Care Day, Columbus REALTORS® main project included four different projects in the King Lincoln District all focused on enhancing the E. Long St. corridor (between Garfield and 17th St.). Work crews were able to improve an outdoor eating area, place 30 commercial planters provide general trash cleanup and create a new green space complete with hopscotch and oversized checkers. (Map of LocationProject Map

Over $37,000 invested in central Ohio 

(June 6, 2014) 530 local REALTORS®, family and friends cleaned, painted, pruned and planted this past Wednesday as part of the Columbus REALTORS®’ 10th annual REALTOR® Care Day, helping improve 30 homes and organizations all over central Ohio!

Started in 2005, REALTOR® Care Day is an annual day of service to the communities in which REALTORS® live, work and raise families. In the last ten years, REALTOR® Care Day has contributed over $291,000 in improvements and repairs and hundreds of hours of service to residents and communities around central Ohio. 

“REALTORS® frequently volunteer their time and talent throughout the year,” said Milt Lustnauer, 2014 president of the Columbus REALTORS®. “This one-day event in particular allows us to hone the Power of US by focusing our collective energy - as well as those of our family, friends and colleagues – to make a significant difference throughout central Ohio.”

Thanks to our 2014 Volunteers!
Jennifer Angelcyk 
Zach Appleby 
Hubert (Jack) Banks 
Brenndan Bauman 
Yoko Bihary 
Elizabeth Blair 
Denise Bohnert 
Laurie Boudreaux 
Marqué Bressler 
Donna Brozovich 
Leslie Cady McFadden 
Kelly Cantwell 
Karleya Chard 
Marcella Chepp 
Mallory Clark 
Amy Clark 
Stan Collins 
Melissa Colmenares 
Anna Criddle 
Marvin Crumbie 
Mitch Deminski 
Matt Deminski 
Mickey DiPiero
Heather DiSalvo
Jill Disbro
Heather Dunn 
Aimy Edwards 
Noah Enriquez
Leah Evans  
Ken Fairchild 
Jill Fergus 
Andrew Fleshman 
Jack Gabalski 
Jodee Gallagher 
Deb Garda 
David Gill 
Chuck Gleich 
Mic Gordon 
Julie Gribben 
Teddy Griffin 
Michelle Groff 
Justin Gwinn 
Lynn Hackworth 
Jacob Haines 
Krista Hedges 
Angela Holloway 
Darrell Hunter 
Joan Janning
Keith Jennings 
Amy Kammann
Katie Kline 
Pam Lamonica
Josh Lapp  
Sharon Lightle 
Sue Lusk-Gleich 
Milt Lustnauer 
Betsy Lynch 
Laura Mann 
Ashley Manshum 
Isaiah Marshall 
Anthony Masci 
Jamie Maze 
Jacoby Maze 
Bob McCarthy 
Emma McCarthy 
Gretchen McKay 
Elizabeth Melvin 
Amber Miller 
Andy Mills 
Will Moloney            
Susan Mullenix 
Lorn Mullenix
Jewell Mullikin
Leslie Nartker
Beth Neville
Kathleen Novak
Dominic Novak 
Ed Oliver 
Judah Palnik 
Kathy Panning 
Carl Parnell 
Joe Peffer 
Maggie Peffer 
Lauren Price
Adam Proehl  
Kathleen Radcliff 
Joann Rasmussen
Jennifer Rieser  
Timothy Rice 
John Royer 
Irene Sawyer 
Ryan Schultenover 
Ida Seitter 
Mary Sguerra 
Kathy Shiflet 
Jesse Shkolnik 
Corey Skinner 
Brittnie Smith 
Christina Stropes
Mark Sullivan 
Jill Taylor
Koretta Tennant 
Janet Thiede 
Ermas Thomas 
Buzz Thomas
Peter Tripp  
Jim Troth 
Randy Via
Morgen Wade   
Karin Waterschoot-Perez 
Haley Weaver 
Skip Weiler 
Linda Weiler 
Bobby Weiler 
Carly Weiler 
Michael Weiler 
Mike Whiteman 
Lou Willard 
Chris Wilson 
Graham Wojciechowski 
Jeffrey Woo 
Lizzie Woo 
Ronnie Woodrow 
Melanie Wright
Tonya Young 

For the main project this year, led by co-chairs Kelly Cantwell and Susan Mullenix, Columbus REALTORS® worked on the Long Street corridor in the King Lincoln District of Columbus where volunteers installed 30 planters, created a green space, enhanced an outdoor dining area, and did general clean up along the corridor.

“We worked incredibly hard to improve the outdoor area by creating a lush and vibrant green space this past Wednesday,” said Cantwell, co-chair of the Columbus REALTORS® 2014 REALTOR® Care Day Committee.

“It was great to see the members of the community really appreciated what we were doing – and will be able to enjoy this space with their families,” added Mullenix.

In addition to the main project, 21 area realty associations participated in REALTOR® Care Day attacking projects in Delaware, Fairfield, Franklin, Licking, Pickaway and Madison counties.

Over $37,000 was invested to accomplish the 30 projects which included: 

2014 In-Kind Donations
Americoat Asphalt & Concrete 
Citizen's Land Title 
Currito – Joshua Zimmerman   
Equitable Mortgage - Zach Appleby 
Equity Resources 
Dan Messer, Exceptional 1 Contracting 
Bill Fergus 
First Bexley Bank 
First Ohio Title 
Melissa Friermood 
Cheryl Godard 
Mic Gordon 
Gorilla Dumpsters 
Teddy Griffin 
HER, Realtors®
Patti and Jan Hughes 
Habitation Investigation 
Jimmy Johns - Joshua Zimmerman  
Jane Jones 
Milt Lustnauer 
Betsy Lynch 
Max & Erma's 
Mary Kay - Kathleen Radcliff
Leslie Cady McFadden 
Wil Moloney
Susan Mullenix 
Neighborhood Design Center 
Northwest Title             
Oakland Nursery  
Ohio Tables and Chairs
Quality Mulch 
John Royer
Irene Sawyer  
Mary Sguerra 
Kathy Shiflet 
Stewart Title - Tammy Darst 
Street Sotheby's 
Talon Title 
Janet Thiede 
Talmer Bank and Trust
Tool Library 
True Blue - Tony Ziebel 
Valmer Land Title 
Graham Wojciechowski 

• Columbus – Long Street corridor (King Lincoln District), Franklinton Gardens, Homeless Families Foundation and Heinzerling Foundation
• Bexley – cleaning up major corridors
• Canal Winchester Food Pantry
• Delaware – YMCA and People in Need
• Dublin – Dublin Food Pantry and resident
• Galloway - Madison County Humane Society
• Grove City – Breck and Fryer Parks
• Hilliard – Patches of Light
• Madison County Fairgrounds
• New Albany Historical Society
• Pickaway County – Ashville Community Park
• Pickerington – Echo Manor
• Residents in Clintonville, Dublin, Johnstown, Reynoldsburg, Sunbury, Westerville, Worthington

For more information about REALTOR® Care Day, visit

Additional funding for REALTOR® Care Day was provided by a grant from NeighborWorks America as part of over 300 events nationwide to celebrate NeighborWorks Week. 

During NeighborWorks Week, NeighborWorks America and its network of local organizations mobilize tens of thousands of volunteers, businesspeople, neighbors, friends, and local and national elected and civic leaders in a week of neighborhood change and awareness.

They rehab and repair homes, paint and landscape properties, conduct neighborhood tours, recognize successful partnerships, and host events that educate, train and inform.