Shining brightly in our communities through Leaderspark

Pamela Johnson-Smith has lived at Framingham Village for 17 years, in fact she is on of the original residents. On May 15 she introduced Asha Ahmed at Homeport’s LeaderSpark graduation. In her own words, you can hear the impact of the intergenerational interaction:

The door opened and the sun shined in; the door closed and one realized it was the smile of a beautiful young lady, not the sun that caused the glow.  Asha Ahmed is regal in appearance, humble in her mannerisms; she is sixteen years old and blossoming into her womanhood. Asha is an honor student at Zenith Academy; she loves to read and watch anime (cartoons). She is soft spoken, shy, and is still learning her power.  Her goals include obtaining an advanced degree in nursing and returning to her homeland of Somalia where she can serve her people.  Asha enrolled in the LeaderSpark program to enhance her public speaking skills and to connect with her community.  She glides with the agility of a gazelle, but admits she is much more mental than physical; unlike most teenagers she would rather read than shop.  Asha has worked on environmental projects with her school which enabled her to use prior experience to enhance the LeaderSpark 2014 Project. She considers her loving father her primary mentor; he encourages her to be her best and accepts her as she is.Asha is truly a Jr Leader who will be a force to be reckoned with as she continues to grow and mature.