‘Home Matters For Everyone’

Homeport End-Of-Year Campaign Coming Soon

As the Holiday Season approaches, it is a time to celebrate – and reflect on those less fortunate. In coming weeks, Homeport will soon be offering an opportunity to take action on the latter.

An award-winning, 27-year-old HUD-certified non-profit, Homeport critically benefits over 5,000 Central Ohio residents through affordable home ownership and rental opportunities, foreclosure prevention counseling and on-site educational and after-school programs for children.

So, with those missions in mind, Homeport in November and December will be sending out video testimonials from the parents, children, and seniors it serves urging participation in an end-of-year campaign of  “Home Matters for Everyone.”

“For many, the security of a safe neighborhood, the stability that an affordable permanent home provides for our family, is something taken for granted,” said Peter Tripp, Director of Donor and Investor Relations for Homeport. “This luxury allows us to provide for our children and the peace that we find knowing our parents and grandparents can grow old with dignity.”

But too many of our neighbors in Central Ohio will spend the holidays reflecting on the stress in their lives caused by living in a blighted neighborhood, moving from one run-down apartment to another or growing old with scarce financial resources, Tripp said.

That is why the organization will be sending out in November and December video testimonials urging support in various gift levels, from a $25 donation to join the Army of a Thousand to help kids, to a gift of $1,000 to help build affordable homes.

“Every gift matters,” said Tripp.

For individuals who want to learn more about Homeport, or wish to donate early, visit the organization’s web site at www.homeportohio.org/give.

 “You matter to your struggling neighbors – We all matter to a thriving community. This is an opportunity to make a difference,” Tripp said.