Amy Klaben on Homeport's New Tagline

'Strong Communities Start At Home'

By Amy Klaben

Homeport President/CEO

Recently I had the opportunity to speak at an event celebrating the multi-million infrastructure improvements at American Addition. The $5.8 million first phase investment by the city of Columbus has literally paved the way for Homeport to build more homes in a long neglected but historically rich community.

In speaking, I addressed the core of what we do at Homeport – and that in providing, affordable, quality, energy efficient homes throughout Central Ohio we are investing in the people inside of them.

“Strong communities start at home” I told the assembled leaders of the city and residents of American Addition.

We so believe in those five words, Strong Communities Start at Home, that we have adopted them as our “tagline,” the words you will see under our name on our web site, on collateral material and elsewhere.

Our new tagline suggests our philosophy, mission and vital role we play. It inspires us at Homeport every day in delivering safe, decent communities where kids can go outside and play. A home brings stability, allowing kids to excel in school, parents to succeed at work and for seniors to live in dignity.

Homeport builds homes. Our programs and services strengthen home life. Our budgeting, financial planning, savings, banking, credit, taxes and insurance classes keep people in homes. Our classes empower people to make educated decisions. Some may buy a home, while others will realize they are not ready. But behind all of this is the premise that the home is absolutely central to a stronger community.

When Homeport builds homes for families and seniors, the entire community is strengthened. We are building healthy home environments through our out-of-school-time programs, leadership development and connections to resources.

The phrase Strong Communities Start At Home captures the range of work Homeport does, while focusing on a single concept: Home. Make our tagline your tagline. Take a class. Volunteer. Donate. It takes all of us to make a strong community.