Homeport Board of Directors Spotlight: Tom O'Hara

As Chair of Homeport’s Board of Directors, I am excited to introduce the “Board Report” as a part of our monthly newsletter. Our objective: to introduce people who passionately serve our community as a member of Homeport’s Board of Directors.  


In addition to being Homeport’s Board Chair, Tom is Executive Vice President and Enterprise Risk Management Director at Huntington Bank.  While at Huntington he has served in various leadership positions including roles in Strategy, Marketing, Product Management, Finance and Internet Delivery.  Tom has lived in the Columbus area for 14 years and previously served on the boards of City Year and Columbus School For Girls.

Why are you passionate about the Homeport mission?

Because all people deserve a safe affordable place to live. 

What would you tell a friend who was considering getting involved with Homeport as a donor or volunteer?

Take a tour, see what we do.  You will be amazed at the impact small contributions can have on so many lives.  We are a recognized leader locally and nationally and our team is committed to helping people thrive.

What do you feel is the most critical aspect of affordable housing in Columbus and Central Ohio?


There has been a significant change over the last 10 years in the number of people living in a rent challenged situation.  Many people are paying too much for housing which is manageable until something else happens – an illness, a car repair, a job loss, etc.  Then a negative cycle can begin. It doesn’t impact just the home but the health and education of family members.  It’s a silent problem that will take creative solutions.