Homeport On The Move

Homeport has taken the first step in having all staff under one roof.

The first phase of consolidation came during the holidays when Homeport’s accounting, asset management, grants, donor relations and marketing teams from 515 E. Main Street, and the homeownership group at 734 E. Long Street, relocated seamlessly to 3443 Agler Road.

“It's a great way to start the new year,” said Craig Murphy, Homeport’s senior vice president of Operations and Programs.

Commercial relocation specialist Commercial Works and its Workspace Advisor, Gary Dunifon, were outstanding in moving 280 crates of files and records as well as computers and phones to the Citygate office park between Steltzer Road and Cassady Avenue.

Commercial Works not only moved property and records, it was able to secure, as gifts, from other clients, $62,000 worth of work stations, chairs, files, tables and miscellaneous accessories.

The biggest contributor was Nationwide Realty Investments. It donated 30 work stations (cubicles), 30 task chairs and 30, 5-drawer file cabinets.

“Nationwide contacted me about excess furniture that needed to be removed to make room for a new tenant. I stopped by, looked at the furniture and was amazed because it was a perfect fit for Homeport,” Dunifon said. Murphy agreed and the donation moved ahead.

The law firm Ice Miller subsequently donated 10 works stations. Comercial Realtor DRK & Company donated 8 work stations.

Commercial Works was able to provide storage, space planning, project management and furnishings at no cost, allowing Homeport to save dollars toward its mission.

Homeport’s administrative offices, its housing and financial education programming teams – and classes -- remain for now at 562 E. Main Street. They will move to Agler Road this spring.