State Auto Underwrites Community Leader Tours Of Homeport Properties

Homeport -- with a special $10,000 grant from the State Auto Insurance Foundation -- will conduct in March the first of 10 bus tours designed to educate community leaders about the organization’s mission, and to grow involvement.

“Our goal is to elevate the importance of affordable housing as a pathway out of poverty, and display the role our organization plays in addressing an issue critical to Central Ohio,” said Peter Tripp, Homeport’s Director of Donor and Investor Relations.

The “Why Home Matters” tours begin March 25. Participants will visit Homeport low income family rental communities, senior rental communities, and neighborhood revitalization sites.

“Participants will have the opportunity to meet and engage with residents of Homeport homes, ask questions, and learn about opportunities to get involved,” Tripp said. 

Homeport plans to educate 250 community leaders from broad corporate, health, education, and faith based sectors.

“There is plenty of room for these leaders to address the shortfall in affordable housing, be it advocacy, ambassadorship, board and committee membership, volunteerism, strategic counseling, or personal and corporate investment,” Tripp said.

Costs associated with the tours, including transportation, printing, boxed lunches and drinks, are being underwritten by the State Auto Insurance Foundation.

Charles McShane Jr., State Auto’s vice president for business insurance, and a new Homeport board member, said the contribution came naturally for the Central Ohio based company that has called Columbus home since its founding in 1921.

“A significant part of our business is to help people insure their homes from fire, storms and other events that disrupt lives and families,” McShane said.   “Supporting Homeport and their mission ‘to create and preserve healthy, stable and affordable communities – one neighborhood, one person at a time’ is very consistent with our community involvement mission in our home town.”

(To learn more about the tours, e-mail, or call 614 545-4853.)