White Castle Serves Up Good News For Pheasant Run

Next time you think of an eating establishment, keep in mind its charitable ways.

Thanks to a $20,000 grant from the Ingram-White Castle Foundation, Homeport has been able to sustain a highly successful after-school program at Homeport’s Pheasant Run community in Reynoldsburg that is run by the Boys & Girls Clubs of Columbus.

The enrichment programming funds enable children ages 6 to 18 to sharpen their academic skills (and do homework), nurture self-esteem, and have fun in a structured situation -- all ingredients to growing healthy children into productive adults.

Boys & Girls Clubs has enrolled 71 children in the Pheasant Run after-school program. There are 191 school aged children who live in the community. 

The after-school program follows Boys & Girls successful 2014 summer program at Pheasant meant to prevent students from losing what they had learned during the school year. Since the fall, 87 percent of Pheasant’s middle and high school members have experienced a .48 grade point average increase.

“Homeport’s partnership with Boys & Girls Clubs of Columbus has been very successful. We are hopeful that the results we saw this summer will carry through the school year thanks to grants and support from the community, including Ingram-White Castle funding,” said Debbie Catri, Homeport Director of Philanthropy.  “It is a wonderful growth and preventative investment as the hours of 3 and 6 p.m. are otherwise peak times for juvenile crime and experimentation with illegal substances.”

The White Castle grant is named for E.W. “Billy” Ingram, founder of White Castle System Inc., parent to the White Castle restaurant chain best known for its small square burgers popularly called “Sliders.”

Ingram created the foundation in 1949 and over the years has awarded in excess of $22 million in grants to support programs for “disadvantaged students.”

In addition to the Ingram-White Castle Foundation, Ohio Capital Corporation for Housing has been a consistent sponsor of the Pheasant Run afte-school program.

Despite the generous gift from Ingram-White Castle, Homeport needs roughly $33,000 to ensure that out-of-school-time programming at Pheasant carries through to the summer. 

Individuals or businesses interested in supporting Homeport’s after-school initiatives can do so by contacting Peter Tripp, Director of Donor & Investor Relations, at peter.tripp@homeportohio.org, or 614 545-4853.