Homeport: New Home, New Logo

From the name of our organization, Homeport, to the tagline of our organization, Strong Communities Start at Home, the common thread is “home,” the place our residents live, the place we help them build futures.

So in concert with our organization’s move this spring to a new home at 3443 Agler Road, Homeport decided to review its logo to make sure it is in keeping with all we do. The end result: a new image for our building, collateral material and social media.

Ethan Nielsen, Homeport’s Manager of Marketing and Creative Design, designed the new logo with consultation from three other professional designers as well as input from Homeport Board members and staff.

Light and dark green ribbon shapes are woven together to form the shape of a home in the center of the logo, with the name Homeport underneath.

“Ribbons have positive, impactful connotations, draw people together and are often used in celebrating accomplishments,” Nielsen said.

“In this instance, they tie together all we do at Homeport, from renting or selling affordable homes, to offering courses to keep people from foreclosure, to providing and access to after school programs, mental health screening, fresh produce fairs and furniture,” Nielsen added.