Three Generations Of Giving

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Michael Kelley Joins Homeport Board

Growing up in Central Ohio, Michael Kelley often heard about Homeport and the names of its executives.

After all, his grandfather Don Kelley was a founding member of Homeport in 1987 when it was known as Columbus Housing Partnership. And Michael’s father, Tim Kelley, served as chairman of the board.

Now, Michael Kelley is eager to make his mark as part of the family legacy of giving back to the community. In March he became a member of the Homeport board of directors, making the Kelley family the first with three generations of board leadership at the Central Ohio affordable housing leader.

“I have a lot of pride in the organization,” Michael Kelley said.

Following his 2010 summa cum laude law school graduation from the University of Notre Dame, Kelley worked as an associate of the nationally-recognized, Columbus-based law firm of Vorys, Sater, Seymour & Pease.

But by August 2012 he joined his family at Donald W. Kelley & Associates, where as vice president he handles much of the legal work of the development company founded by his grandfather and now run by his father, Tim.

Michael, Don and Tim Kelley

Michael, Don and Tim Kelley

“For over 40 years our development company has been partners with The Robert Weiler Company on real estate development in the Central Ohio Community,” Michael Kelley said. “The partnership originated with my grandfather Don Kelley, and Bob Weiler, both of whom were involved in the creation of Columbus Housing Partnership.

“The Kelley/Weiler partnership’s primary focus has been multi-family apartment projects, single family lot development, and commercial development. The partnership also owns and oversees Oakwood Management Company, which is one of the largest property management companies in Central Ohio,” he said.

In 2013, Kelley was in the first wave of individuals to join the Homeport Young Professionals Network. The affinity group was created to raise awareness among younger adults on how Homeport improves the quality of life of Central Ohio residents.

The group has connected with Homeport children, families and seniors at social gatherings, food drives and back to school rallies. The Young Professionals, now 57 members, have also learned how needed Homeport’s work remains.

“Family homelessness is up, wages are stagnant, and affordable housing is as badly needed as ever,” Kelley said.  “Homeport is fighting back in the neighborhoods that need it the most --  providing safe housing, social services, and community revitalization.“

Tim Kelley, Michael’s father, said Michael’s appointment is meaningful.

“I am very proud he is a board member. He is carrying on a culture established by my father that you help others in the community we make a living in,” Tim Kelley said. “It is a good sign it is happening.”

Don Kelley said he too is impressed with grandson Michael: “He’s dedicated at what he is doing. He is as smart as anyone in the business. Homeport is lucky to have him.”

As a Homeport Young Professional, Michael Kelley was attending meetings of Homeport’s Property Committee overseeing Rental Development, Facilities Management, Home Ownership and Asset Management. He is now a Board member of the committee.

“Michael brings a great perspective to our discussions,” said Homeport President/CEO Amy Klaben. “He understands development and ownership from a for-profit perspective -- which enhances our decision making. At the same time, he is passionate about serving our families and asks great questions.”

Kelley agreed he is eager to make a difference: “I want to be as engaged as I can be in the process -- to know the Board, the organization, and to be a good steward of it. There are a lot of smart and dedicated people on the Homeport Board and staff.”