Time To Re-Enlist

Buck I Guy will be joining 'Army' festivities.

Casino Party Good Time To Keep Supporting Kids

Want to cash a winning bet at Hollywood Casino?

Come to the West Side event venue on Nov. 10 for a party and “enlist” or “re-enlist” in Homeport’s “Army of 1000” affinity group that supports enrichment activities for children in Homeport communities.

“After-school and summer camp programs are a big hit and are showing true impact in the classroom, personal growth and goal setting for our children,” said Peter Tripp, Homeport’s Director of Donor/Investor Relations.

“Army annual memberships are $25. We are inviting members to attend a free party we are planning at the casino and urging them to re-enroll for 2016 -- and to bring friends,” Tripp said.

Helping make the event one to remember will be local personality "Buck I Guy."

Jason Wells

Jason Wells

The casino was recommended by US Bank Central Ohio Vice President Jason Wells as a fun bonus draw for individuals who may not have experienced its gambling, entertainment and food.

“I am looking forward to the fun,” said Wells. “But even better, I am looking forward to the difference we'll make by contributing to the Army.”

Wells has signed up 11 friends from work to the party with the idea they will become members. US Bank is the signature sponsor of the Army of 1000.

Wells is part of a working committee advancing the end of year membership drive program. Joining him on the committee is Melanie Lund, a local vice president with Bank of America.

“The Army of 1000 is so very important to our children and actually saves lives,” Lund said. “With such a small gift of $25 you are making a difference in their future. I am personally inviting friends to come to the party for the kids.”

                                   Melanie Lund

                                   Melanie Lund

The program is Tuesday, Nov. 10, 2015, from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. The casino is located at 200 Georgesville Road in Columbus.

“We are hopeful that attendance will get a boost by the fact many people will have the next day, Veterans Day, off from work,” Tripp said. “In any case, it will be time well spent. It is a chance to make a difference. It is a safe bet, changing kids’ lives.”

Click here to register.

(To learn more about the Army of 1000 contact Peter Tripp, Homeport’s Director of Donor/Investor Relations, peter.tripp@homeportohio.org, or Tonya Young, Manager of Donor Relations tonya.young@homeportohio.org).